About Us

Our staff at Shark Screens Pty Ltd, have decades of experience working on commercial projects and first hand understand the objectives of both the builders and sub contractors. We have created the Ultimate Safety Barrier System to deliver a safer and more efficient solution.


The Shark Screen Safety Barrier System offers the best industry practice for live edge protection. Higher than the conventional low level handrail, at a height of 2 meters, it offers the following benefits:

  • Can assist in eliminating potential falling hazards causing injury or death

  • Greatly reduce the possibility of falling objects in conjunction with the optional mesh screen.

  • Shark Screen rail system is enhanced by a kickboard feature that ensures no gaps are greater than 10mm.

  • Shark Screen rail system does not require installation by a licenced scaffolder or rigger, installation is a straightforward process that can be carried our by on site labouring staff.


  • Shark Screen can act as a perimeter protection in lieu of conventional low level handrail following lifting and formwork screens

  • Provide optimal protection at all live edges and penetrations in place of conventional low-level handrail.

  • Provide live edge protection on balconies whilst still allowing the completion of all edge works

  • Shark Screen could be used as emergency hoarding or fencing